Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The post with NO title!! Because? Well because I can't come up with one.......... :)

Lets see, what is new? What has been happenin? (is that even a word? ****reminder: need to check with Mr.Webster to find out..)in the world of Mumma and Lexie? Well lets see:

Last night we went to a Scentsy candle party, all though I am not sure you would call them a "candle" as they have no wick, they melt by the warmth of a least that is what I understood, guess Lexie and I will find out when we get our order!! Nothing like the blind know what I mean!!.lOl...

ummmm, a couple weeks ago I volunteered for the "tatoo" table at winter carnival on a Thursday night, now that was interesting, I am sure the parents of the child who had me put the tatoo on as well as directly in the middle of her forhead are absolutely in love with my tatooing abilites....I just know it!!!! What do you say to a second grader who pulls up her bangs and says HERE, I WANT MY TATOO HERE!!!!! She and all her friends are looking at me as well as me thinking okay this is my daughters a cool mumma !!! I was, she got her tat placed right in the middle of her forhead, only a week later when MY tat hadn't washed off yet did I realize or even think, OOOOOPPPSSSSSS! Wonder how her tatoo is "washing" and learn!!! and well waiting to hear if I get the invite back next year....LOL !!!!

Also went to a Contra dance at Lexie's school, she was supposed to teach me the dance's with all the other parents and kids and guess what? Halfway thru she says to and so has no one to dance with Mumma so I am going to dance with her !!!! I understand, she felt bad and wanted to dance with her friend buttttt there was her mumma on the side line....LOL I am proud of my little girl for putting other people first, very very proud of her!!!!(but I did drift back to the wallflower side of my highschool scars here !! Nope !!!

This coming up week I am going to the local Children's Museum with Lexie's girl scout troop....that should be fun!!! 15 seven year olds in a Children's Museum.....(umm, is it wrong to think yipeeeee my car is right down the street, I can ....well run if needed??? )

Oh yes then Saturday night Lexie and I are going to a "girl scout hockey game night" on Saturday night, again, 15 seven year olds...............

Oh and the best for parents are coming into town late on Saturday night and I need to look around for a "cheap" hotel room for the night, there is still something about your parents even at 41 when they request something of you as important as a
"good" nights rest cheap.....what if I fuck up and find them what I think is a "good" nights rest cheap and they hate it? What do I do then? Okay detour...Lexie dosn't want to change into jams right now....why??? because "she dosnt' want too"..she wants to wait TEN more minutes..........why???? NO reason.....(she just wants to fuck with me folks, that is all that is me my friends...........LOL)

gotta go folks,gotta run.....(never make the statement in a "minute" because in my house you get "quoted" "timed" and held to that statement, there is NO leway!!!! NONE!!!!!!

it is now 7:37 and it was 7:36.....soooooooooooooo....."mumma, 7:37"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

and there she is.......

and her name is Lexie.............LOL!!! My spitfire of a daughter!!! Who informed me that......................she can,she will and that is that!!! Love you my "baby girl" LOL!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Birthday............

It was dusk, the sky was slightly overcast, the wind was blowing straight thru you, but there we where, the four of us,the mother,the father,the sister and the great grampy, we stood there in the wind,holding our hands,thinking of those who could not be there with us, thinking of his meme and grumpa who loved him deeply,his auntie and uncle who couldn't come to the birthday but loved him deeply too, thinking of his cousins who he never meet and who would have loved him, keeping hold of our gift to the son,little brother,great grandson,the boy, we stood there holding hands,while we all waited to give the gift, the gift of our love,the gift of releasing our love into the sky, hoping it would carry on to heaven,the only gifts we could give,the gift of words from the great grandfather who said the most important words I had heard all day!! About the boy, about how loved he was and still is,about the fact that he is in heaven and loved there just as much as he would have been here, how his great grandmother is holding him and loving him and looking after him as well as grandfather,his "Auntie" all his Great Grampies and Gramies,cousins,aunts,uncles everyone up in Heaven!! Then we let the balloons go,and they went,up into the wind that blew straight thru us, the big sister let them go, the big sister let them fly up into the wind straight to heaven as she cried out "Happy Birthday little brother, I miss you and I love you!" As the mother and father stood there and starred, starred at how grown up their seven and a half year old was..... at how much they wish life had been how much they wish they could change.....and at ******HOW MUCH THEY CAN CHANGE IF THEY HAVE THE COURAGE TO TRY!!!!!*******

****It was the most beautiful birthday party I have ever attended!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Grave.............

I need to tell the story, I havne't told you'all the story, why? I havn't had the time, or maybe I just haven't taken the time, it is a story that I have told over and over for the last five years,it is a club I belong to, a club that I never thought I would earn a membership to, but yet I did, a club that dosn't cost money to join nor has an initation to complete, someday I will tell the story,the story about how I joined this club for no money and no initation,a club thru which I have meet some of the most amazing women in my life, but not today, today is the about the grave! The grave I need to go visit in a few days, the grave that is next to "his" great grammies grave who would have loved him so, the grave that has the most beautiful angel engraved on it, the grave that is mauveish in color, the grave that says "his" name, the gravestone that "his" great grampy purchased with love in "his" memory, the gravestone that I have not gone to visit with my daughter, the grave that my daughter goes to visit with her great grampy 3 or 4 times a week, the grave that I only visit alone,every few days on my way to work, the grave that has made me late to work before, the grave which I have shown off with pride,the grave says...."his" name, Anthony Douglas Montefesco, the grave that says February 10,2005, the grave that tells me it has been 5 years!! Five years!!!! The grave that says "he" existed, I love you with all my heart and will miss you always my son!!! We love you forever and ever, your mumma,sister,daddy,great grampy,meme,grumpa,your Aunts and Uncles, your cousins, your heavenly relatives! Everyone who know's us loves and miss's you!!!!!!!!

Rest in Peace my sweet little boy, rest in peace!!!!!!! your mumma loves and miss's you!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

By Lexie.......

red roses in the trees
swinging around like leaves
sky so bright
wind so tight
makes me wonder
what rose's do at night??????????

I know what they do tooo.
swing around in the trees
like the bright!!!

By: Alexandria Reid Montefesco
1-30-2010 @ 8:34!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quote's by Lexie recently.....

Opening the outside door on Monday morning after I had come in and said we got like a foot of snow...."O-M-G!! Mumma, what is up with the snow"

Monday after being dropped off at work to me(because her great grammpy had to go to the hospital), two hours into it...."Mumma, I thought this would be fun, but really it is boring"

and anything I ask her to do these days get this response "NO,no,no Mumma, why can't you"

Thank you second grade!!!!! :}

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There is something about being home sick......(and other random thoughts)

on a Tuesday by ones self,watching what one wants to,using the computer when one wants to,eatting what and where one wants to, with NO interruptions......then again it starts to get a little boring.......

Yes I have been up since about 1AM, insomnia again, I am used to that but as the night progressed into morning I developed a headache,bodyache's,runny nose,and just a general yucky feeling so I stayed home..........Lexie then got up and started in sneezing, I am hoping it is the good ole allergies acting up and not a cold coming on!!!

It is snowing here again, uggggg....I don't mind the snow,I hate the cold!! If we could have snow with 70 degreee temps the world would be perfect, or at least South Portland,Maine would be perfect!!

Debating on getting my hair cut today, what do you think work would think if I came in with a haircut, I could say I got it cut Monday after work, they would never know....that would work....mmmmmmmm, is it a bad thing if you stay home sick to venture out of the house for a haircut?????

Need to go find myself some food......we went grocery shopping on Sunday, spent 178.00 on groceries but we have nothing in the house to eat.....dontcha just love that....or at least nothing that sounds good to me!!

These are two pictures of Lexie at the beginning of school during one of the field trips, to a mountain, of which I cannot remember the name of at the moment,--hey it is 4:30 AM don't expect miracles from me!!--I do remember it was a fun trip!!

Another attempt at another blog!!

Ya, okay I left blogspot for one of those new fangled blog websites....I learned my lesson, or maybe it is just the fact that I like simplicity and not complicated!! Or I just don't posses the ability to figure out how to operate one of those new fangled websites.......anyway, I am back over here and I shall never leave again......