Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The post with NO title!! Because? Well because I can't come up with one.......... :)

Lets see, what is new? What has been happenin? (is that even a word? ****reminder: need to check with Mr.Webster to find out..)in the world of Mumma and Lexie? Well lets see:

Last night we went to a Scentsy candle party, all though I am not sure you would call them a "candle" as they have no wick, they melt by the warmth of a least that is what I understood, guess Lexie and I will find out when we get our order!! Nothing like the blind know what I mean!!.lOl...

ummmm, a couple weeks ago I volunteered for the "tatoo" table at winter carnival on a Thursday night, now that was interesting, I am sure the parents of the child who had me put the tatoo on as well as directly in the middle of her forhead are absolutely in love with my tatooing abilites....I just know it!!!! What do you say to a second grader who pulls up her bangs and says HERE, I WANT MY TATOO HERE!!!!! She and all her friends are looking at me as well as me thinking okay this is my daughters a cool mumma !!! I was, she got her tat placed right in the middle of her forhead, only a week later when MY tat hadn't washed off yet did I realize or even think, OOOOOPPPSSSSSS! Wonder how her tatoo is "washing" and learn!!! and well waiting to hear if I get the invite back next year....LOL !!!!

Also went to a Contra dance at Lexie's school, she was supposed to teach me the dance's with all the other parents and kids and guess what? Halfway thru she says to and so has no one to dance with Mumma so I am going to dance with her !!!! I understand, she felt bad and wanted to dance with her friend buttttt there was her mumma on the side line....LOL I am proud of my little girl for putting other people first, very very proud of her!!!!(but I did drift back to the wallflower side of my highschool scars here !! Nope !!!

This coming up week I am going to the local Children's Museum with Lexie's girl scout troop....that should be fun!!! 15 seven year olds in a Children's Museum.....(umm, is it wrong to think yipeeeee my car is right down the street, I can ....well run if needed??? )

Oh yes then Saturday night Lexie and I are going to a "girl scout hockey game night" on Saturday night, again, 15 seven year olds...............

Oh and the best for parents are coming into town late on Saturday night and I need to look around for a "cheap" hotel room for the night, there is still something about your parents even at 41 when they request something of you as important as a
"good" nights rest cheap.....what if I fuck up and find them what I think is a "good" nights rest cheap and they hate it? What do I do then? Okay detour...Lexie dosn't want to change into jams right now....why??? because "she dosnt' want too"..she wants to wait TEN more minutes..........why???? NO reason.....(she just wants to fuck with me folks, that is all that is me my friends...........LOL)

gotta go folks,gotta run.....(never make the statement in a "minute" because in my house you get "quoted" "timed" and held to that statement, there is NO leway!!!! NONE!!!!!!

it is now 7:37 and it was 7:36.....soooooooooooooo....."mumma, 7:37"