Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There is something about being home sick......(and other random thoughts)

on a Tuesday by ones self,watching what one wants to,using the computer when one wants to,eatting what and where one wants to, with NO interruptions......then again it starts to get a little boring.......

Yes I have been up since about 1AM, insomnia again, I am used to that but as the night progressed into morning I developed a headache,bodyache's,runny nose,and just a general yucky feeling so I stayed home..........Lexie then got up and started in sneezing, I am hoping it is the good ole allergies acting up and not a cold coming on!!!

It is snowing here again, uggggg....I don't mind the snow,I hate the cold!! If we could have snow with 70 degreee temps the world would be perfect, or at least South Portland,Maine would be perfect!!

Debating on getting my hair cut today, what do you think work would think if I came in with a haircut, I could say I got it cut Monday after work, they would never know....that would work....mmmmmmmm, is it a bad thing if you stay home sick to venture out of the house for a haircut?????

Need to go find myself some food......we went grocery shopping on Sunday, spent 178.00 on groceries but we have nothing in the house to eat.....dontcha just love that....or at least nothing that sounds good to me!!

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