Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Birthday............

It was dusk, the sky was slightly overcast, the wind was blowing straight thru you, but there we where, the four of us,the mother,the father,the sister and the great grampy, we stood there in the wind,holding our hands,thinking of those who could not be there with us, thinking of his meme and grumpa who loved him deeply,his auntie and uncle who couldn't come to the birthday but loved him deeply too, thinking of his cousins who he never meet and who would have loved him, keeping hold of our gift to the son,little brother,great grandson,the boy, we stood there holding hands,while we all waited to give the gift, the gift of our love,the gift of releasing our love into the sky, hoping it would carry on to heaven,the only gifts we could give,the gift of words from the great grandfather who said the most important words I had heard all day!! About the boy, about how loved he was and still is,about the fact that he is in heaven and loved there just as much as he would have been here, how his great grandmother is holding him and loving him and looking after him as well as grandfather,his "Auntie" all his Great Grampies and Gramies,cousins,aunts,uncles everyone up in Heaven!! Then we let the balloons go,and they went,up into the wind that blew straight thru us, the big sister let them go, the big sister let them fly up into the wind straight to heaven as she cried out "Happy Birthday little brother, I miss you and I love you!" As the mother and father stood there and starred, starred at how grown up their seven and a half year old was..... at how much they wish life had been how much they wish they could change.....and at ******HOW MUCH THEY CAN CHANGE IF THEY HAVE THE COURAGE TO TRY!!!!!*******

****It was the most beautiful birthday party I have ever attended!

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