Thursday, May 19, 2011

Broad Band vs. Dial Up....of the Apeture sort!!!!

So,a comment made, the person saying comment realizes said comment did NOT come out correctly......what to do? Well make fun of said self on Facebook NO less and laugh about it!!!!

But in all seariousness, I have since thought to myself, how manytimes DO I make some sort of sarcastic comment and NOT realize it didn't quite come out as I had intended????? Have I offended someone with that "sarcastic" comment I just made? I don't know......because sarcasam is like a second language to me, it defines me!!!! It is who I am and always have been!!! Actually sarcasam is my first language, english would be my second!!!! I can't help myself.....give me the opportunity and somehow I can find some sort of sarcastic comment to friends~at least my close friends anyway...~ know me and expect it.....they laugh.....(at least to my are they NOT laughin when I/they leave???)

Maybe in a way being sarcastic is my way of guarding myself, after all my life has NOT been exactly idealic, nor calm, nor anywhere near normal.....LOL!!!

I remember getting spoken to in school about my "sarcastic" comments, and today when my own daughter said that her teacher does NOT appreciate HER sarcasam!

I started to think, hmmmm......maybe I have offended someone somewhere.....IDK!!! But until someone says to me that I have, the sarcasam I am absolutley certain will always be in my Apeture!!! And well, Midge's 3rd grade teacher and future is a genetic thing!!! Get used to it!!!! :)

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