Monday, September 12, 2011

RESPECT............ R E S P E C T ????????

So what does the word RESPECT mean to you? Does it mean something your child gives you??? (but dosn't??) Does it mean something a friend gives you?? (but dosn't??) Does it mean something a so called "boyfriend" or "man friend" SHOULD give you when deciding after months NOT to talk to you again..... (but dosn't?)......

Why yes, I guess you can tell I am a bit cycnical !!!!!! I am a bit sarcastic !!!! I guess in all reality I am just a BITCH out in the world somewhere who has decided that I DESERVE "R E S P E C T" !!!

I deserve it from my child...I deserve it from my friends.....I even deserve it from the (asshole's come to mind, but really I guess they deserve my "R E S P E C T" too..) men that have come into my life!!!!

I am beyond pissed.mad.even beyond the sending a really mean text.or making a pissed call!!!! "R E S P E C T" ~ seems to have gone "out the window"!!!! NO ONE seems to "R E S P E C T" anyone these days!!!

Hey, how about paying me child support in "R E S P E C T"?, how about explaining to me "R E S P E C T F U L L Y" why after months you decide not to talk to me?, how about just "R E S P E C T I N G" me in general for being there for everyone for everything????

Hu, seems " R E S P E C T" is a LONG GONE thing in this world we live in........

RESPECT ME AND I WILL RESPECT YOU!!!.....just sayin!!!!!

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