Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brassiere shopping for a NINE year old????

I guess my baby is really growing up!! We are going "brassiere" shopping this week.....I actually went and got advice about bra shopping from an almost 15 year old.......!!

The "half" tshirts Midge has been wearing are not gonna cut it this year, especially ummmmm, well in the "cold"!!! I am just amazed at how self conscious and aware girls (and boys...ugggg....) are these days..... Yes, I have seen a change but didn't want to mention it.....not a big one, but she has for the last six weeks been really self conscious about what shirts she wears and wants to layer everything so I have conceded!! I would rather she be less self conscious and enjoy her life then to keep worrying about "bumps" showing as she puts it......

For the record I never had my first brassiere until I was going into the eigth grade!!! Not that I probably didn't need one before that but times were different and it was NOT until the end of my 7th grade year that I started to get teased a little...but hell, I had braces in the 4th grade at 9, then glass's in the 7th grade so to me being teased about needing a bra was minor after being teased for brace's and then brace's AND glass's at the same time......but again, times r a changing and I would rather my "baby" B happy and comfortable with her body then to worry about it like she has been!!!!!!!!

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