Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NOT! MY WEEKEND............

I have been saying that for over 5 years.......but what does it really mean? Every weekend is YOUR weekend as a parent...whether your child is with YOU or not!!!!!!! I DO look forward to the break every two weeks and then I can't wait for her to come home! I have to say though that this summer has been difficult and challenging with a tween and I have been looking forward too all the breaks.....I don't think this makes me a bad parent just a "normal" parent, or as normal as you can be in my house!!!!

So once again this coming weekend is NOT! my weekend and after the last two weeks I am looking forward to it!!! I need my time, time to do what I want, read a book without being interrupted, watch a movie in its entirety, drink one too many beers or have one too many glass's of wine with no worries, stay at a friends house for the I realize not all people or parents will agree with me, I understand that, but what I do know is that the friends I have who are parents would whole heartily agree with me!!!

Being a single mother is hard, no doubt about it, I am lucky that I do have a good child, sassy, sarcastic and speaks her mind child, but a pretty good child for the most part!!! Alas though it is still hard, I am the one who has to cloth her, feed her, put a roof over her head, make sure she is safe, when she is sick it is me who lays with her at night and cuddles with her on the couch during the day, it is me who cleans up the puke or the snot or runs to the store for medicine and pops with a sick child in tow.........I don't get to share these responsibilities with anyone, I can't say "well you take the next three hours while I sleep and then we will switch off", I can't say well you go lay down with her while I watch my TV shows I have waited all week to see", and as hard as this is at times, she is mine, all mine and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!!!!


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