Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Midge...........

I want to start off by saying while I have failed at many things in my life or maybe we can just chalk them up to "growing experiences" the ONE thing I have done right is to have you!!! I LOVE you with all my heart more and more each day! and while we test each other hour by hour, minute by minute hell second by second I wouldn't change one hour,minute or one second!!!!!

You speak your mind, you are full of sass,sarcasam and rightenous.....while I get upset or mad even @ you when you express your opinions, they are your own, and while as your mother I try to reign you in, I know that the reason you are who you are is due to a large part of me letting you be who you are the sunshine to my rain, the heaven to my hell, the sweet to my sour.....lately you have wanted to cuddle more then you have wanted to in a long time, and while yes, there are times I say "go, please go find something to do" and you get mad, upset and even "exasperated" at you so nicely explained this AM to me....(where you learned the word escapes me....ohhh, wait....I....oh never mind...... LOL )the reason I tell you to go find something to do is because you are usually trying to "mother" me and what I want is for you to enjoy your childhhood...and be a kid!!!

You and I have a very special bond my darling daughter, we have been doing this mother/daughter thing together, alone for a long time.......and I realize that you and I will always be there for each other because of this, I also worry that you carry a burdun on your shoulder's that is far more then any child your age should carry, but then I look in your eyes and I see a maturity that is far removed from a "nine" year old....I see what I call "an old soul" in your eyes......and I know that you are not carrying a "burdon" on your shoulder's, you just love your mumma and want her to be happy as I want you to be happy!!

I love you Lexie Lou, Midge, Lex, Alexandria, Miss Lexie, Peanut, LoveBug !!!!! You are my world !!! I wish you the best Birthday Ever and I wish that this Ninth year (tech....tenth) brings you happiness,carefreeness,and most of all I want you to know that I, your mumma, love you more then anything in the world........

Happy Birthday Baby Girl !!!

Love Mumma!!!

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