Sunday, August 21, 2011

Will you get me a beer deahhhh???

Yup!! I just did what I said I NEVER would do!!!!! EVER!!!!!! Guessin we can just add this to the list!!!! You know that list of "OMG! I would never let a video entertain my baby" ~ "Oh wait, she likes that video and I have NOT showered in days...mmmmm....well okay, just this once"!!! or "I am never gonna buy babyfood in a jar, everything she eats will be homemade" ~ "oh, wait, I haven't eatten in how many days???" Oh how is this one??? "You shall always have a set bedtime and bedtime routine, no matter what"..... ~ hahahahahaha!!! Then she got older and then summers off from school and then well we all know what happened after that......LOL

I look back at some of the things I swore I would never do and I laugh, I laugh so hard, at myself, at the world in general...why, why do we let the world dictate how we raise our children? Why do we read parenting books? Alto l these books just tell us what the "norm" is!!!!!! Is there a norm? Are we all supposed to raise our children in a certain way? I wish I knew....I really do.......what I can say is that I stopped reading the books, and I stopped listening other people and I started listening to my inner voice, you know the one, the one that I should have listened to all along.........

The voice that tells me my daughter will be just fine..........just matter what "I THINK I screw up"!!!!!

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